Friday, December 31, 2010

trend report: Resort 2011

for many, ‘tis the season for planning winter cruises and destination trips.  what to wear?  even if you are not traveling, you may simply want to freshen up your wardrobe in preparation for Spring.  take a cue from DVF, Marc Jacobs, Dior and Scognamiglio and go retro.  the runways are alive with prints!  gingham, nautical, feminine florals, pretty pastels and other decorated extras.  the return of the stewardess has inspired clean lines, and mini shift dresses.

here are my fave Resort 2011 runway looks!

DVF is everything that I love about fashion.  her designs are wearable and invigorating.  her use of print is notoriously awesome. 

this collection by Louis Vuitton is retro perfection!  this first look is my absolute favorite. words cannot describe how much i love this collection.

the return of the stewardess is most evident in this collection by Marc Jacobs. classic 1960s with a twist. just divine.

neon. citrine. hot pink. electric blue. florescent.

left to right, top to bottom: Burberry Prorsum, (middle) Christian Dior [my fave look in the set], Proenza Schouler ; Jil Sander, Nina Ricci (middle) [my fave look in the set], Sportmax ; Elise Overland, Miu Miu, Christopher Kane (last) [my fave look in the set]; Jason Wu (first) [my fave look in the set], Julien MacDonald, Versace

lessons from the runway for Spring 2011:

   show a little leg. the majority of these looks are above the knee, so go tastefully short. 

   florescent color is your new bff, as are all things pastel.  if the neons are not your thing, stick to shades that are already appealing to you but lighten it up a bit.  if hot pink is a bit much for you instead opt for a nice baby blue or green.  also, mix a vibrant color with a jean or dark bottom in order to balance things out a bit for everyday wear.  

  additionally, don’t be afraid to do it up with a colored slinky shoe! 

  girly frills have never looked so good!  add feminine accents to your ensemble this Spring.  check out more from Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton’s Resort 2011 collections for ways to girl it up the right way!

  use your accessorizes to add color! A pair of turquoise [or any color of your choosing, of course] earrings is a great way to stay on trend without breaking the bank!

  this is something that tends to be overlooked, but it can instantly amp up your look: lipcolor!  go with vibrant reds, or shades of purple.  nudes, of course, are always in.  

  there seems to be a trend for runway Spring in hair as well: usually the hair is pulled back into a low ponytail with a few wispy hairs framing the face.  careless beachy waves are also being shown alone or topped off with fishtail or french braids.  

Friday, December 24, 2010


whenever x'mas nears, i begin to think about the new year. and with the new year comes new years resolutions. and with resolutions come the resolve to change things that we are unhappy with. what is happiness, really? "love," "satisfaction," "intense joy".... well, there are days when i feel all of these things and days when i feel only one.  does that make me "unhappy"? my relationships in every sphere across the board have provided great satisfaction for me. namely, i have the best boyfriend on the planet and i actually like him, i mean, really like him as a person. that makes me happy. i feel love always.... progression is something to be grateful for. internal and external.

i also believe that if u are unhappy with something you must change it, be proactive. i know what my future goals are, and everything that i do is a step toward those goals. daily i try to not be consumed by dissatisfaction in one particular arena of my life, so as not to affect the things in my life that truly make me happy. ...i find nit-pickiness, immaturity, negativity, general bullshit & stupidity to be counteractive to my goals, so i steer clear of all of the aforementioned; i am always seeking to evolve. evolution is impossible if u r surrounded by shit. ...i live by a simple creed: speak your mind, pursue all that is and feels good and right, be frank, honest, with no ill will....i move on--from people and situations--when i have nothing left to give ....i've been told that i give up on people, push them out of my life too soon.  i simply dislike running into brick walls. some accept too much, allow too much. knowing when to walk away is paramount.

i don't always say everything the right way or do what some think that i should, but i have no regrets and could care less how people view me, b/c i am true to myself and my beliefs. ...i think that people get caught up in insignificant things way too much...who said what. who did what. u didn't like it. tough shit. shit happens. u want to be right. life is not a power struggle. i am unconcerned with the insignificant... i am always seeking tangible happiness and contentment, doing internal work. are you?

merry x'mas [eve], loves.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

what i wore wednesdays

oversized pale pink dolman, h&m. grey legging jean, target. lime & grey striped scarf, lori's. old black leather converse.

x, loves.

Friday, December 17, 2010

wishful thinking.............

my tastes don't always match up with my shallow pockets....but if i could have it my way, i would own a space in manhattan that i would visit throughout the year, namely during Fashion Week....i would finally have my dream pooch Zsa walk in closet--mariah carey style--would be stacked to the max with Louboutin, Zanotti, Coco, YSL & Manolo [the "shoe myth mary jane" would sit atop self one-- i had the pleasure of seeing the periwinkle? in person....& ahem....sneakingly trying it on...then sadly, slowly taking it off] ....& SJP would know my name...yup, wishful thinking. but if u can dream it, it can be yours.

Manolo Blahnik Patent Mary Jane 

Manola Blahnik Something Blue

Christian Louboutin Forever Tina

Christian Louboutin Toundra

Yves Saint Laurent Cage Boot

Christian Louboutin Ariella

Giuseppe Zanotti Leopard Wedge Bootie

Christian Louboutin Pigalle

Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute 

Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo Pump

Yves Saint Laurent Bootie

Yves Saint Laurent Palais

Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Boot

Yves Saint Laurent Patent Tribute

.....up next, "fake it 'til you make it: designer looks for less" inspired by the pairs you see here! [some owned by me] :)

x, loves.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what i wore wednesdays

bleached washed light denim, wetseal. white & grey graphic lace leggings underneath, ny find. lace sheer oversized top, f21. the blazer, i am in love with, ny f21. blowfish booties. found the h&m fringe bag, as u can see, thx to thrifty Brandy :)

x, loves.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

all i want for x'mas is my L.B.D.

the little black dress personifies tailored, chic sophistication--its hue and simplicity have no doubt contributed to its longstanding popularity; its ability to remain fashionable, never dated.

invented in 1926 in Paris by mega fashion maven Coco Chanel, this dress holds a special place in the closets and hearts of many women.  it has reinvented the way that women wear black, becoming a permanent staple in cocktail and evening wear.  the L.B.D was usually famously paired with double or single strewn pearls, รก la Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” [her dress was Givenchy], simple black pumps and matching pearl or diamond earrings.

fast forward to current day.  the holidays are upon us and whether the parties are work related or involving family and friends, we want to look our very best!  when looking for your holiday L.B.D. think about whether or not you want to go completely all black or amp up your look with colorful accessories.

since dress code varies from one holiday event to another, for some it makes more sense to pick a L.B.D  that is more classic.  if you stick to the book and do the L.B.D classically minimalist: sleeveless, high scoop neck, knee length; you can rely on the shoes and accessories to take your look from one event to another.

if you are like me and simply love black and want to draw from the idea of the L.B.D while adding an edge, you can select a dress/tunic that is a bit more exciting.  i personally love the L.B.D with lace overlay, a super opaque black tight, black pump or bootie.

puffed, single sleeved dresses are also all the rage right now as are sequined dresses.  so if your holiday party is more laid back, consider these as options.  keep in mind that you can also mix and match textures and couple your L.B.D with edgier shoes and accessorizes!

although by definition, your L.B.D "must" be black why not set your sights on a dress that is partially black??  even Chanel herself has said that fashion is in the streets, and the streets are alive with COLOR! feel free to add in nudes, reds, olives, blues, whatever you wish. who knows, maybe it’ll up your chances of being caught underneath the mistletoe!

happy holidays, loves!