Sunday, October 24, 2010

merchandise it up: texture mix-match frenzy

anyone who knows me knows that i love to "merchandise it up" in the words of my fash icon the ├╝ber fab Carrie Bradshaw--yes, I am well aware that she is fictional, but to me, she lives--meaning that I love to create a multi dimensional look, centered around one core item.  it is paramount to have a statement piece, whether it be a pair of platforms, a necklace, a bracelet or a bag.  pick an item to be the center of attention, and make it the star of the show!

when picking your pieces, be sure to incorporate texture, adding items that seemingly don't match.  this trend is epic right now.  match a dressier item, such a sequin top or a light weight chiffon skirt with a blazer or edgier boot, as seen below on Gwyneth Paltrow. 

her amped up boots are obviously the main attraction!  get her sexy combat boot look with Edelman's Vancover. no need to match your belt with your pumps.  no need to wear only complementary colors.  take a look at my fave "mixmatched" runway Fall 2010 looks [courtesy of Harper's Bazaar].

these looks illustrate color remixing, the pairing of items of various textures, layering, and the dominance of a muted color palette (shown in blacks and greys).  how does one fashion a "statement piece"?  how much is too much?  you decide!  exercise your own judgment.  i, for one, believe that fashion has no rules.  adorn yourself with fur--faux fur, if you prefer--ethnic, geo prints and texturized tights.  wear what your fashionable heart desires! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"i die." moderate psychedelic boho looks that kill. [part 2]

so, as u all know, i am obsessed with all that is boho. live it. love it. but how do u pull this look off w/out being excessively gypsy? well, do it in moderation. know what your assets are. counter those drapey, whimsical pieces with classic ones if u are feeling like it's a tad bit too much. no need to follow every boho rule in the book. u can skip the flower girl headband and go for the oversized cardy with a skinny jean & oversized bangles or huge earring. go with the wide arm. and please do skip the ultra wide 70s pant [tisdale's pic below is the only exception. why? ....umm, b/c i love 'em].

here are a few boho looks done oh-so classically right:

boho recap? here's part 1

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

accessory overload--some of my nyc buys, haves & wants

i love all things excessive. big earrings. & i have recently become obsessed with two-finger and armor rings. here are some of my accessory buys from nyc during my b'day trip & my must haves :D

[items from topshop, metropark & lori's]

i ABSOLUTELY HAD to throw this knit faux fur coatigan in the mix--i saw it @ topshop and had 2 walk away--it's a whooping $300. i want. i love. i can't. but so wish i could. maybe i'll save for it. THE PICTURES DO IT NO JUSTICE, it looks DIVINE in person. the fur def does not look faux to the unknowing eye, imo. 

months ago, i saw this thick, light grey cabled snood (pictured on their site, as the banner picture for the scarves section), but try as i might could not find it at any topshop on my trip :/ i need it! this plaited snood might be a good alternative.

these are dramatically awesome.  love these lace covered pairs.

i was infatuated with this uber long cuff, but once i tried it on it was wayyy too long for my arm ;/

i kinda sorta really wanted this feather headband, but had already put myself in spending timeout.

laura, styled by me

this is my friend, laura. the resident model. her classic pieces & my edgier items worked perfectly together. her in cutoffs & tights. who woulda thunk it? she milked this moment, i tell u--thx again, babes :D

[top: f21; laura's: necklace, jeans, &
vince camuto oxford peeptoe] 
[ruffled vest, h&m, dress: laura's,
shoes: charles david, pompadour] 
[dress: laura's, shoes: sam edelman, york] 

[top & bow: f21, shoes: JC cast, earrings: f21] 
[top, sequin jacket, jeans: laura's ; booties: f21] 
[top: f21, denim jeans: laura's,
tights: CK herringbone, shoes: JC, tick] 
[jacket: H&M, dress: f21, belt: laura's,
booties: f21] 
[blazer & jeans, laura ; top & studded pump: f21,
necklace: lori's] 
[top & suspenders: f21; jeans & shoes: laura's, charles david] 
[top & patent pumps: laura's ; skirt: f21, tights: memoi] 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"a pair of shoes can change your life." stiletto-ish obsessions?

i have a love-hate relationship w/ stilettos. i love the height, but personally find a very thin heel unappealing, and think that the "stiletto," technically defined as a "thin, high heel" is a bit outdated.

if u see a woman in an uber thin heeled, pointy toe boot, she is most definitely fashionably challenged. i'm, of course, not talking loubou-thin, but 1990s thin.

i would argue that today's hot heel is not the stiletto, it's the chunky heel.  u might be confused. "but, 'stiletto chic' is your blog's name." well, yes it is. i simply love the word "stiletto," it just rolls off the tongue so nicely.

to me, "stiletto" is not so much about the technical definition as it is about the essence of the shoe. i'm concerned about the meaning that "stiletto" has for women. for me, "stiletto" signifies purposeful sex appeal. why do we wear heels? what do they do for us? i can't even answer that question. i do know that flats make me feel frumpy. debbie homemaker-like. but that's just me. *shrug*

all i know is that i LOVE a chunky, geo-like heel, stacked on a platform. this season, it's all about the almond toe. suedes. uber tall platforms. the bootie. girly accents: lace. ruffles. leopard. snakeskins. and, of course, my beloved--let's not forget the studs. we all can't afford Louboutin, Yves, Zanotti, & Manolo. shallow pockets? well, no worries, dolls. stay chic in these affordable heels ;)

nicole richie's lilian. house of harlow.
pour la victoire's irisa.
top shop's goldiesurreal & petula.
jc's tabitha.
pelle moda's han.
camuto's amber.
chinese laundry's haylie & glorus.
anthropologie's myrtle, manzoni
my own york, edelman.

Monday, October 4, 2010

"i die." boho looks that kill. [part 1]

my ABSOLUTE fave looks are those that draw from bohemian influences. i love it. love it all. live it. think gypsy. tousled, wavy tresses, fringe, studs, denim shorts, platforms, haphazardly worn scarves and berets, oversized cardigans…. think nicole richie. rachel zoe--quote above is obvi hers; she actually styled richie early in her career. mary kate & ashley are other boho celebs, although their styles tend to be more of a mixture of edgier styling and classic dress, termed by some as “garbage bag chic.”

these looks need no introduction. let’s get to it!