Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"i die." moderate psychedelic boho looks that kill. [part 2]

so, as u all know, i am obsessed with all that is boho. live it. love it. but how do u pull this look off w/out being excessively gypsy? well, do it in moderation. know what your assets are. counter those drapey, whimsical pieces with classic ones if u are feeling like it's a tad bit too much. no need to follow every boho rule in the book. u can skip the flower girl headband and go for the oversized cardy with a skinny jean & oversized bangles or huge earring. go with the wide arm. and please do skip the ultra wide 70s pant [tisdale's pic below is the only exception. why? ....umm, b/c i love 'em].

here are a few boho looks done oh-so classically right:

boho recap? here's part 1

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