Sunday, October 10, 2010

"a pair of shoes can change your life." stiletto-ish obsessions?

i have a love-hate relationship w/ stilettos. i love the height, but personally find a very thin heel unappealing, and think that the "stiletto," technically defined as a "thin, high heel" is a bit outdated.

if u see a woman in an uber thin heeled, pointy toe boot, she is most definitely fashionably challenged. i'm, of course, not talking loubou-thin, but 1990s thin.

i would argue that today's hot heel is not the stiletto, it's the chunky heel.  u might be confused. "but, 'stiletto chic' is your blog's name." well, yes it is. i simply love the word "stiletto," it just rolls off the tongue so nicely.

to me, "stiletto" is not so much about the technical definition as it is about the essence of the shoe. i'm concerned about the meaning that "stiletto" has for women. for me, "stiletto" signifies purposeful sex appeal. why do we wear heels? what do they do for us? i can't even answer that question. i do know that flats make me feel frumpy. debbie homemaker-like. but that's just me. *shrug*

all i know is that i LOVE a chunky, geo-like heel, stacked on a platform. this season, it's all about the almond toe. suedes. uber tall platforms. the bootie. girly accents: lace. ruffles. leopard. snakeskins. and, of course, my beloved--let's not forget the studs. we all can't afford Louboutin, Yves, Zanotti, & Manolo. shallow pockets? well, no worries, dolls. stay chic in these affordable heels ;)

nicole richie's lilian. house of harlow.
pour la victoire's irisa.
top shop's goldiesurreal & petula.
jc's tabitha.
pelle moda's han.
camuto's amber.
chinese laundry's haylie & glorus.
anthropologie's myrtle, manzoni
my own york, edelman.

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