Saturday, November 20, 2010

focus on a trend, and work it

the endless emerging sea of leggings, jeggings, suedes, fur--and faux--lace ups, sequins, and over the knee boots can be overwhelming.  not into the boy meets girl, menswear-inspired/rebel rocker look? boho doesn't do it for you? unwilling to venture into thigh high territory?  remember that (1) u don't have to tackle every trend at once, take it slow and pick one and focus on making it work with items that you already own. (2) keep in mind that fashion is fun. it's about experimentation and expression. 

also, finding a celeb or public figure to fashion your wardrobe after can also be helpful.  if you are inspired by the classic stylings of our First Lady, fur would be faux pas, but you can rock a tall boot as she does below. 

she is the perfect example of a woman who has a distinct style of dress, but whose wardrobe still reflects today's trends. her style is appealing to women of various age groups, current and sophisticated, but not aged.

take a look at a few of my favorite trend-inspired looks!

[Hue sequin legging, Sam Edelman Navato, Pour la Victoire Twiggy, Topshop top, Chloe blazer]

this look is typical girls’ nite out attire!  the suede platform Navota slingback is a great way to bring in a touch of classic style.  i love the opening in the front, very retro.   in my book, wearing sequin leggings with a boot is a no-no, i just feel like you make more of a splash if you don’t distract from the legging and choose to go with a non boot option.  my decision to add a simple crossbody was deliberate, i wanted to make sure not to add another busy element to the outfit.  the addition of the blazer “man(s) up" the look while the bustier keeps it feminine and playful.

[Sam Edelman, Dixie, Hue legging, Nila Anthony rabbit fur body bag, Alexander Wang top]

this look is easily my favorite for everyday wear.  i love wearing all black,  and see it as a blank palette of sorts, because it permits you to add other colors and items without bordering on excessive.  speaking of excessive, i am absolutely in love with the Nila bag—it’s right on trend, at a great price! shades of olive are everywhere, as is fur, and i love the interesting pop it provides juxatopsed against the black.  if you have legs for days, Edelman’s Dixie is just perfection, paired with the black legging.

[Sam Edelman Zamara, Hue floral tights, James Perse top, Siwy Camilla shorts]

Edelman’s Zamara is just ridiculous.  the girl that wears this boot is absolutely fearless!  these über tall boots put me in a rocker state of mind.  they are just asking to be paired with short denim cutoffs and tights.  this look is a bit over indulgent, but hey, that’s the rocker lifestyle.

[Dolce Vita Tatum, La Vie necklace, B.ella deco tights, Topshop tunic]

this look appeals to my boho obsession.  the flowy tunic is simple and muted, which is needed since the Tatum is so wonderfully dominant.  i have a longstanding love affair with pattern tights.  they make me very happy.  when deciding to include this particular grey tight, i wanted to stay in keeping with the idea of neutrals.  to me, greys, blacks, whites and tans are non interfering shades, meaning that they won’t interfere with each other or other colors prominent in your look.  the final addition of the La Vie necklace just makes perfect sense.



  2. thx, gorgeous :D & thx so much 4 following!!!!!!!!!! if my legs were longer i'd rock that edelman lace up! and i want that alexander wang top in the lace up look 2. u'd look cute in the girl about town look ;) x