Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a girl's right to fur

i am adamantly into all things fur.  yes, this is a declaration. again, i love fur.  so, plz, PETA enthusiasts [ahem..psychos], refrain from pulling out your animal videos. thanks but no thanks. btw, if u are so into the rights of animals, why is it that i see so many of you clad in leather? are u vegan? do u "digest suffering"? do u feel bad for the chinese children and women whose fingerprints are permanently etched into the seams of your tops and bottoms? blah blah. save it. anti fur "activism" is such a convenient cause, isn't it? u don't have to do much.  let people be, and do as they please.

anywho. ok, i'm done. as i was saying....

i am adamantly into all things fur.  whenever I see fur items, I think of Old Hollywood glamour.  Marilyn Monroe.  Zsa Zsa Gabor.  Audrey Hepburn.  Elizabeth Taylor.  Rita Hayworth.  Grace Kelly. what we’ve learned from this era is that: less is more….oh, and that diamonds are a girl’s best friend—but, I digress.  most notably we’ve learned that fur is timeless.  it never goes out of style!

cue Dolce Vita’s Pippa.  this rabbit fur wedge boot is just ah-mazing.  [me wearing it, below. plz, excuse my crappy iphone cam's quality. will b investing in quality cam 4 more styling pix of my outfits soon!! when i do, u'll wish i hadn't, i promise! ha]

initially, I was attracted to its equally fab stiletto counterpart, the Tatum.  but a sturdy stacked wedge wins me over every time!  plus, the Pippa is taller; the more fur the better.  and you know me, even before I could get the Pippa into my grubby little hands,  the tight options were buzzing through my head—should I pair it with a black pattern tight? what about grey?  aside from tights, I just knew that NUDE anything would be just awesome! also, the Pippa, especially with warm skintones worn bare-legged will be absolute perfection. 

i've found that with fur, you don’t have to only pair it with colors that are prominent within the print.  you can throw on various complimentary colors.  i saw a girl wearing the Pippa and it looked great paired with her black jeggings, deep purple over the knee light weight socks, and mutli-colored chunky knit sweater.  I loved her layered look, and the addition of her fringe bag didn’t hurt either!  the pairing of the unexpected adds a bit of “umph” to the entire look and tones down the boot for a wearable day -time look, such as the one below.

[Ann Demeulemeester cardigan, Dolce Vita Pippa, Lori's leather cuff, Cut N’ Paste bag, Urban Outfitter OTK socks, NFP leggings]

for some, this look may be a bit heavy.  understandable.  i get a little layer-crazy sometimes.  if it feels like overkill, feel free to lighten it up by opting out of the Cut N’ Paste bag.  i just love how all of the colors work so well together!  you can also take away the scarf or over the knee socks and keep the bag.  or omit the leggings, and over the knee socks completely and do a slim fitting dress/tunic underneath the wrap with a bare leg!

here are a few more looks featuring the Pippa:

[Helmut Lang top & leggings, Dolce Vita Pippa, Calvin Klein OTK socks, Lori's Nakamol wrap bracelet]

i love so many things about this look.  i am a bit obsessed with the CK over the knee socks because they’re just so soft and light-weight.  i plan to add the grey to my collection.  the subtlety of the Nakamol bracelet adds a bit of edge to the outfit but does exactly what an accessory is meant to do: supplement your ensemble!

[A.L.C. Hardy belted crepe dress, River Island clutch, Glynneth B earrings, Dolce Vita Pippa]

i love the nude sweater tunic that is at the core of this look.  the nude allows the Pippa to shine.  i love a draped earring with an outfit that has a lot going on elsewhere. 

so, remember when you pull out your modern fur or your vintage fur pieces, bring the glamour.

this makes me think of one of the biggest fur whores ever. Fur-ella Deville makes me laugh. KELIS's pro-fur rant. 

fave fur-tastic pix. bossy.

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