Sunday, November 7, 2010

rock it. like fashion.

we all know that that my infatuation with Ri is not healthy, but my bias doesn't negate the fact that the girl's fashion is so BEYOND.  she manages to serve up über sex appeal, rock a hot boot, all topped off with pouty lips! she is the ultimate fashion guide.  here are my fave femme rocker looks.

WAIT...this Stella McCartney perforated boot [JC's "the issue" is a great copy] is just ridic, worn perfectly by Ri and Blake.

ok, now more rocker chic:

a variation of the above Balmain, as seen below on Bey in 2009:

in my quest 2 delve further into the pouty lip, i've decided to try OCC's Lip Tars. when they arrive, i will post updates :) until then, here are a few of the season's pouty vamped out lips:

[i've added her simply b/c she's gorg--look at that bone structure]

so, dolls, the lesson here is to make a statement. no need to sex it up as much as Ri on the daily. but whatev u chose to focus on--the lips? boots? commit to it. and ROCK IT. like fashion.

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