Tuesday, December 14, 2010

all i want for x'mas is my L.B.D.

the little black dress personifies tailored, chic sophistication--its hue and simplicity have no doubt contributed to its longstanding popularity; its ability to remain fashionable, never dated.

invented in 1926 in Paris by mega fashion maven Coco Chanel, this dress holds a special place in the closets and hearts of many women.  it has reinvented the way that women wear black, becoming a permanent staple in cocktail and evening wear.  the L.B.D was usually famously paired with double or single strewn pearls, รก la Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” [her dress was Givenchy], simple black pumps and matching pearl or diamond earrings.

fast forward to current day.  the holidays are upon us and whether the parties are work related or involving family and friends, we want to look our very best!  when looking for your holiday L.B.D. think about whether or not you want to go completely all black or amp up your look with colorful accessories.

since dress code varies from one holiday event to another, for some it makes more sense to pick a L.B.D  that is more classic.  if you stick to the book and do the L.B.D classically minimalist: sleeveless, high scoop neck, knee length; you can rely on the shoes and accessories to take your look from one event to another.

if you are like me and simply love black and want to draw from the idea of the L.B.D while adding an edge, you can select a dress/tunic that is a bit more exciting.  i personally love the L.B.D with lace overlay, a super opaque black tight, black pump or bootie.

puffed, single sleeved dresses are also all the rage right now as are sequined dresses.  so if your holiday party is more laid back, consider these as options.  keep in mind that you can also mix and match textures and couple your L.B.D with edgier shoes and accessorizes!

although by definition, your L.B.D "must" be black why not set your sights on a dress that is partially black??  even Chanel herself has said that fashion is in the streets, and the streets are alive with COLOR! feel free to add in nudes, reds, olives, blues, whatever you wish. who knows, maybe it’ll up your chances of being caught underneath the mistletoe!

happy holidays, loves!


  1. I'm with you, I love a lbd and my closet is full of them...I'm trying to stay away from it for my new years outfit but I saw a cute one at F21 last night!


  2. thx for the comment :)

    i knowww! no idea what i'm gonna wear for new years, but will most likely b lbd. f21, i'm obsessed with the place. i stalk online and find every item in the surburban stores (cuz the ones downtown suck) if i'm unsure abt how it'll look.

    i LOVE yor polyvore collages, do u use them for your job? they're so good.

    i'm following u! return the favor, if u'd like :)