Sunday, December 12, 2010

DVF, Wu, & Chanel Pre Fall 2011

"feel like a woman, wear a dress" [DVF].

if you don't know who the incredible Diane von Furstenberg is then chances are....u live under a rock. excuse my sass, but i mean...really. the creator of the infamous "wrap dress." she's all about the prints, throwback glamour, moderate draping, the cinched waist. her designs personify femininity.

then we have Coco Chanel.  what is there to say about her? she is timeless, profound and infamous. her pieces have been worn by the likes of Princess Di, Jackie O, and First Lady Michele Obama, to name a few.  her seamstress beginnings were meager by some standards but have been transformed into a design mega house (now headed by Karl Lagerfeld), the most recognizable brand on the entire planet. she is the woman behind the LBD ("little black dress") and her trademark Chanel suit, as well as the most popular fragrance of all time, Chanel No. 5--her unmatched elegant specificity is just as alive now as it was in the Parisian streets of the 1920s and 1930s.

Jason Wu, who famously dressed First Lady Michele Obama early in the year (at least four times--she is considered to be his "career launcher," introduced to her by one of the most important men in the fashion industry, VOGUE's editor-at-large André Leon Talley) has become insanely popular, taking his doll designs and draping them on the bodies of some of the most famous women of current day. 

take a look at my fave Pre Fall 2010 looks from these couture frontrunners:   

*i love how DVF uses the knee high socks, and matches them with the color of the boots. the blue looks are amazing, esp. this first one.     


*Chanel is classically earth shattering. LOVE the first adorned sheer piece and the black & gold dress with the wrap-like middle. a hint of boho to these looks, love the embroidery and use of fabrics and texture.


*Wu is just BEYOND. he's my favorite. very wearable and representative of pieces that i think many women want to wear.  the ultra wide, ultra long brown pant? i've never seen anything like it. LOVE it. & the black and grey evening dress, it's AH-MAZING, i want. would make an awesome unconventional wedding dress :)

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