Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my obsession runs so deep. have u seen this bag??? if so, sell it to me or call me at....

ok, so recently my friend, Brandy [mrswindycityunplugged] & i, upon seeing many lincoln park trixies galavanting around with it have developed an infatuation with this H&M fringe bag, circa Fall 2010.

i've got my Daniella scoping it out in nyc, and she reported a sighting in late August/early September, while many fellow fashion bloggers have posted about it through mid October.  i doubt that there were any leftovers during my Oct b'day visit. had there been it would've been like moth to a flame.

.....so i say this to say, fingers crossed. we have a lead. this bag needs to live with me. my closet is empty--(i)ER without it.


fringe whore

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