Monday, January 31, 2011

hair obsessions: THE FISHTAIL BRAID

they're everywhere. i LOVE them. my faves & one of my own.
 this is the tutorial i used when learning to fishtail braid, her accent is darling. makes me want to say "mind the gap" ;)
x loves ;)


  1. Hi there
    Saw your blog whilst having a look at Karen's - (where did you get Really good tutorial, gonna have to try that on the weave.. Big shout out to you from Britain..will keep popping in on your blog to see what's happening.x

  2. Love the fishtail braid now if only i Knew how to do it! Just found your blog and followed you, come follow us too

  3. hey melanie!

    thx, love! a girl can never have 2 many weave ideas :) i'll be sure to add more hair pix of my various 'dos as well.


  4. hey lauren & julie!

    thx, glad u like the fishtail! believe me, it takes practice, b/c i sucked @ it at first, so keep at it--the tut i added is the BEST!!

    & i followed u girls 2 :)