Friday, January 21, 2011

celeb hair role models

ok, so i could care less if u bought it or grew it all on your own, as long as it looks well put together.  i bought it, so it most definitely IS mine--& u know how it goes, no touching :)

hair lends to your overall look & helps to add a finishing touch to your ensemble so do not half step on the locks! bad hair is......just...well...BAD. & wholly inappropriate.

these celeb girls are my hair role models:

the late beloved Aaliyah.  insanely beautiful. her hair was AH MAZING. jet black, long bangs, sleek. she put this kind of look on the map. my fave look of all.

Queen Bey. this last one is my fave 'do of hers! HOW FUKKIN REALISTIC IS THE KINKY CURL PIC?! bish has her hair game ON LOCK. we all know that she wears lace wigs & NO ONE does it better. this is just so right on so many levels. i cannot rock this color combo, but if i were to try to replicate this look, i would most def not do the light blonde shades. it's all about the undertones of your skin; chocolate & jet black tones are my own personal preference. i'd darken it up to caramel shades and choco, with black elsewhere.

Alicia is just gorgeous. her hair appears to be in its natural state, and I am sure a couple of pieces are added for extra volume.  to achieve this style, i'm pretty sure that her already curly hair was wrapped around a small curling iron--less than 3/4" [look for the smallest iron, the tiny ones] for this look. i've done this look once & the curls were essentially the same. but it takes foreverrrr to do. [u can also use a deep waver for a similar loose waved look; it will be significantly looser though. if u want this exact look use a small curling iron and wrap your hair around it].

Kim K's curls are about as famous as her derriere. i'm a fan, personally--of her curls :) [& i do just generally love those trashy-dashians]. the first pic is kind of a deviation from her signature look with a retro twist. usu. she does a deep center part with layered curls. her stylist is obviously awesome. i'm thinking maybe he uses a 1.5" curling iron to get her signature look, mixed with hot pin curling? there are tons to youtube vids on getting kim k's curls, i prefer ashleyvictoria's channel, she knows her stuff & is very nice!

so i'm a little obsessed with Tracee Ellis Ross. like her diva mom she keeps the hair BIG. & i love it!!! even when i switch u the 'do & go bone str8 i'm always missing the BIG 'do, so i'm a fan. she is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, just in general. & i'm still way pissed at how Girlfriends ended. i mean, really. 

i know what you're thinking: can u ever do a post and not throw in a Rihanna pic?! geez. no, i can't. this time though, Ri isn't the focus. Teyana's LUSCIOUS LOCKS are all i see. overtime i do big hair, i'm first looking at her pix for clarification of where i want to go with the look. this first picture is the best illustration of the look that i LOVE LOVE from her. i mean, really. if u know hair, you know who Teyana is; she IS her hair. if not, do like she says and "google me, baby." what i LOVE about her hair is that it looks natural, has texture and the curl pattern is just ridic. i would assume that the hair has been manipulated in some way to achieve most of these looks. many say bantu knots. i agree. having a kinky texture/kinky curl to start off with is so key. pretty sure the hair is sometimes wrapped around a small barrel. Teyana, i need a tutorial. thx.

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