Sunday, January 30, 2011

my obsession runs so deep. have u seen this jacket replica??? if so, sell it to me or call me at....

so circa Spring 2009, my beloved Ri was seen rocking this fan-fukkin-tastic Balmain RTW military jacket. looking very MJ-esque, Ri.

f21 came 2 the rescue of course, creating a damn good replica, with less shoulder action. i tracked it down. in slow motion....yesssss. i reach for it. the last one. my heart flutters. check the tag. SM. wtf. dammit.

i'm hardcore with my shopping ish, but could not track down this replica again at any other f21. i say this to say, seeing as though the military trend is still a go-- plz do let me know if you have any leads. my closet is empty(i)ER without it.


military whore

x loves ;)

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