Friday, January 7, 2011

Rihanna tones down her red 'do

i have not been a huge fan of my beloved Ri's red do. the red in general is not the prob for me, b/c it is complementary to the undertones in her skin, it is the specific shade she rocked when she debuted her red locks months ago.

Ri has since toned down her locks to a darker hue and i must say me likey.

still, let's be clear: i prefer her with the black short hair
circa Live Your Life to be specific.

Ri stepping out to host a NYE bash in Sin City. love the sheer bottom on the dress and the color choice.

Ri in her hometown Barbados, supposedly reconciling w/ bff (& personal assistant) Melissa after her Matt breakup [allegedly Matt was uncomfortable with the close friends sharing rooms while traveling so Ri shipped Melissa back to Barbados but still kept her on the payroll].  she looks a bit pissed off, no? LOVE the thing she's doing w/ the scarf. will be copying. 

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