Sunday, February 13, 2011

best dressed at the Grammy's

Lea Michele. this dress is divine. so cute i want to put her in my pocket.

bare. she's my Ri & her body is flawless. so she's in.

Jada. i mean, really. perfect kids, husband, hair & cute little body. u win.

Toni Braxton. fellow libra. have loved her 4ver.

Jenny from the block is eternally BAD. 

Jennifer Hudson looks fan-fkkn-tastic! navy is a great color for her!

i don't prescribe to Janel's brand of peculiar, but she looks darling here.

the only man, IMO who got it right. those dimples. he's hot so it's always right in my book.

Hattie Barnhill, don't know who she is, but this look is executed perfectly. 

love this print. Julianne Hough.

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