Tuesday, February 8, 2011

dressing the tulle skirt 101

tulle skirts bring out the little girl in all of us; but do resist the urge to twirl and curtsy. tulle conjures up images of pink ballerina slippers….and being five years old in general—hence the conundrum.

many of us have already prematurely decided that this is a trend that we’ll be sitting out.  yes, the stakes are high. but I say forge ahead!  it can be done, and done well.  and when all else fails, channel the fashion spirit of Carrie Bradshaw.  we all remember her famously worn tiered tulle skirt in the opening sequence of SATC.  she is a classic example of the tulle skirt worn perfectly simple, coupled with a neutral top and strappy sandal.  she wore no accessorizes.


the key to rocking the tulle skirt is balance.  the skirt is your statement piece.  she is the star of the show, do not upstage her.  anything else that you add should serve to compliment.

dress the tulle up based on your own personal style.  demure? bad ass?  inspired by menswear?   keep in mind too, that you can also settle on a ruffled or layered lace skirt for moderate volume if you want the look without the actual tulle.

for shoes, you can go with a nude strappy sandal, minimalist and simple.  a nude patent pump is also another good choice.   go with a pointy toe to elongate and balance the volume of the tulle.  for a more classic look top it off with a cardy or short blazer.

black booties or short-moderate height motorcycle boots are a go-to if you want to add edge.  add accessorizes with colored accents, based on the color of your shoes.  when choosing your bag, again keep it neutral with pinks and nudes.  the edgier the look the more indulgent you can be.

let's get to it!
simple. neutral. understated. perfect outfit to add accessorizes to! a big ring, maybe? or thin chain single charm necklace? love this bag. McQueen.

rocked out. the grayish-brown tone of the JC boot keeps it light, thus my decision to not add a black boot. obsessed with this skeleton cuff.

this one is my absolute FAVE! i would wear this in a heartbeat. we all know black is my thing. this is just so chic. what's not to love about this look?? 

let me know what u think!
 & take a look below or at my Polyvore collection for designer info for these looks!
x loves ;)


  1. I really like your blog.. and your playlist, thanks for posting!

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