Thursday, February 10, 2011

stripes. what i wore.

close up of the shoes, b/c they deserve it. one of my fave pair. they were a trade-sies from my laura over the summer. we both traded shoes that we barely wore, her these & me these Camuto patent oxford peeptoe booties.

anywho, i love this top. & any top like it. stripes & trapeze tops in general. i can't stop buying them. i'm hippy, curvy, & 5 foot, so some would say that i should stay away from the trapeze top as well as the horizontal stripes. but they can kick rocks. as long as u balance it out with a skinny leg i think it's do-able.

i am not a patent person at all. BUT, u cannot tell me that THESE [<--click!] are not HOT. i have no red shoes.  & this is the closest that i'll get to the YSL Tribute Too [double platform] pump. i LOVE the front of the shoe, and they are actually comfortable. they have a ton of cushion. i want immediately.

top & pants: f21
boots: jeffrey campbell, Lori's
necklace: Lori's
[isn't this necklace awesomely unique? i love the knotted pearls mixed with the silver chain]


  1. CUTE! I am glad I gave them to you :)

  2. thx, my love--this is why i <3 u, such a sweet little bish :)