Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finger Paints Lucky in Love Lime + OPI's Black Shatter + Black Sequin Bow Bag

So i borrowed OPI's Black Shatter to test it out before buying [I had to practically pry it out of her little cunty hands. geez. I SAID I'll bring it back], and I must say LOVES IT!

I put it over Finger Paints Lucky in Love Lime. I wanted to try it over OPI's Cabana Banana, but I want to see how it holds up with non OPI lacquer underneath.  Can't wait to try it with hot pinks and purples.  I didn't put a clear top coat over the Black Shatter as some do to avoid the matte look.  I like it matte, but wouldn't be against using a clear top coat though.

& here's my super excessive black sequin bag, clad with rosettes, stones AND ruffles. a bit much? try WAY too much, but it is one of my most favorite bags and the fact that it's all black, i think, tones it down. 
NIBSFR!!!! (i know, u don't get it, it ain't for you) ;)

x, loves ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what i wore. geometric coat

i've had this coat forever and never wore it, decided to put it on today. whatcha think?

coat: f21
boots: jeannot, Lori's

x, loves :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OPI's / Katy Perry's Black Shatter!

I was gonna post this later on, but what the hell. LOVES IT so much i couldn't contain myself!

K, so my bunny [friend in the words of normal people] Jess sent me this pic the other day...after her excitedly rambling about it, i was intrigued but still needed to see picture perfect proof.  

so here's the deal.

OPI's Katy Perry Collection features 5 shades: Teenage Dream, a pink glittery hue ; Not Like the Movies,  depending on the lighting, greenish-pink metallic ; Last Friday Night, blue-purple shimmer/glittery ; The One That Got Away, vibrant magenta with purple tones & then the actual Black Shatter shade, matte black.  

Black Shatter is to be lightly painted with a thin coat over any dry lacquer.  When dry, you get the shattered effect.  You don't have to paint from cuticle to tip in a neat way to achieve the effect, so no need to be specific and particular about it. 

Although I definitely have super cute shades of my own that I would love to try, here are my fave OPI shades unlike any that I own that would look ah-mazing with Black Shatter atop: 

Katy's Last Friday Night & Not Like the Movies, OPI's Simply Smashing, Yodel Me on My Cell, Y'all Come Back Ya Hear, I Vant to Be A-Lone Star, Dating a Royal & Jade Is the New Black.

Go here and click on Katy's collection for a tutorial and to try the colors on a simulated hand! & check out YT for vids on Black Shatter as well.

P.S. I would like to thank Bunny, my forever cunty hand model. thank u, come again.

x, loves ;)

what i wore. studs + leopard

Yes, this über closeup is for a reason. I am loving my lip color! It's OCC Lip Tars in Trollop. I enjoy the term "trollop." I had planned to do a post on swatches on the Tars. Or maybe i'll just wear whenev & be sure to site the shades. Suggestions?

These studded pointy toe pumps are the closest i'll get to the Loubou Pigalle, I have had them forever and i am so enamored with them. They hurt like hell, but that's irrelevant; I rock 'em every chance I get.

I've been on the hunt for a leopard scarf for ages, was so glad to find this one!

I saw a pair exactly like this at f21 & didn't get them b/c i have another very similar pair seen here. Not getting them then was my attempt to stop my habit of sometimes buying the same types of things over and over. Sigh. Whatev. I like what I like.

Beauty can be had on a budget, remember that ladies! U just gotta know how to get the bang for your buck. & decide on which types of items to splurge.

jacket: wetseal [from like 3 yrs ago]
pants: f21 [i love these! can u tell? ha]
scarf, earrings, top: pay half
pumps: f21

x, loves ;)

Monday, March 21, 2011


usually the most i expose to the public is minor to major cleavage, i mean a bit of boob never hurt anybody ;) but as of late, i'm so into cropped tops. 

[there's one top i am sooo obsessed with now and will be purchasing, will def post pix when i receive it]. when the tummy gets to tip top i will be indulging in the mid drift baring, but for now the upper abs will be getting major play. 

i love the the way Rihanna wears her tops in the pictures below, above the belly button: OBSESSED the color combo here, the magenta crop top & melon pants--everything about this look just works! 

Bey & Kelly's super sexy above the belly button looks are exactly how i would wear cropped tops. Solange's texture mismatch look is perfect for easy breezy daily wear as well.
& Carrie, she's here b/c...duh, she's the originator of the sexy midriff.

let me know what u think, loves ;)

Saturday, March 19, 2011



dammit, lily! wtf. seriously, we've all asked ourselves: for what purpose does it serve? sometimes we need to take time to listen to the answer.

Friday, March 18, 2011

All Dressed Up in Blue: Michael Antonio's Gezana

Bright, eye popping, attention-grabbing hues are all the rage----there have been sightings from Paris to London to New York Fashion Week.

There's nothing I love more than a vibrant shade of blue-violet (ultra-marine, to be exact).  My closet has been begging for a sister shoe in this exact shade in the form of a wedge platform pump for ages...okay, for at least a season.

Cue Michael Antonio's Gezana in Navy.  Like moth to a flame.  Divine fashion intervention, I tell you!

This wedge has your name written all over it, ladies!  Take a look below for inspiration on how to integrate the Gezana into your wardrobe!

'80s Crazies
As we all know, today’s fashion "dos" are really re-dos of fashion trends past with a new kick. Can you say "Heathcliff Huxtable"? The doctor never made color blocking look this good. This is a classic example of how to pair a bold print with an even bolder shoe. Feel free to replace motorcycle jean legging with a dark skinny to keep it truly simple.

Things That Go Va-Va-Voom
Sexin’ it up with this look. Balancing out the sexy with feminine frills is key. I love a risqué top paired with a blazer or snug jacket. You can also switch out the motorcycle jean for a dark jean and still get the same effect, just taken down a notch.

“It” Girl
Girls’ night out, u say?  The feminine floral sheer top brings the whimsy, while the skinny panel legging adds edge.   The necklace is just awesome, adding a boho touch. 

The Rachel Zoe
Ba. Na. Nas. We nod to the queen of all things excessive.  The black faux fur, the classic feminine bow on the top paired with the basic jean screams daytime lunch date.  Find the most classic pieces you own, add the Gezana = instant. 

 Neutral Pop
I went with a neutral palette here to make the wedge pop even more.  Tone it down with light washed jeans or other neutrals to ensure that all other pieces fall into background to make sure that the piece you want to accentuate gets its time in the spotlight!

Glitzy Geometrics
Words cannot express how much I love this look!  Tribal, ethnic prints are dominating fashion.  This high waist harem pant just does it for me! The addition of the simple white v-neck is to balance out the business of the pant and the wedges. This neutral knotted necklace is the cherry on top.

Casual Chic
This look is carefree and relaxed. Form fitting cargos are a must! The jacket and the pants will create shape, juxtaposed against the looseness of the striped top.  The key here is to select pieces that are typically not “dressy” enough to be worn with heels and then MAKE IT WORK.

Material Girl
Go hard or go home.  Iconic artist graphic tee (✔); Pyramid stud earrings (✔); Olive motorcycle jacket (✔); Skinny cargo pant (✔);  Armor ring (✔) 

 click to see me wearing the Gezana 

x, loves ;)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

what i wore. neutrals + my big red bow bag

lately i'm obsessed with olives & neutrals in general. but, i love this Big Buddha bag adorned with bow in red even more! i own no red items so i was so excited to get this! my Nicole rocks :)

bag: Lori's
top: h&m
pants: f21
shoes: JC, Lori's
earrings: topshop ny
jacket [akin to the design by free people]: ny buy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

what i wore. leather lace & flannel

as u can tell by the facial expression i was very into this. haaa.
tops: f21
jean leggings: NY buy
boots: MIA Buckingham, Lori's
x, loves

Thursday, March 10, 2011

what i wore. ultramarine platform haze

i love deep purples about as much as i love navy. these wedges are the perfect marrying of the two hues, resulting in a purple-blue tint. i've been looking for a pump/wedge this exact shade for months, and was about to settle on the Pour La Victoire Irina in Navy in spite of the steep price tag, but common sense got the better of me! then my Cor told me that these babies were on the way, i was ecstatic; they're PERFECT. not to mention more economical!

what'cha think?

wedges: Michael Antonio Gezana, Lori's
leggings: nastygal

x, loves ;)

all black poncho

woman of a certain age poncho

poncho hipster

3 1 Phillip lim
$194 -

BB Dakota BB12709 – Beige
$98 -

DV by Dolce Vita Pali
$80 -

BB Dakota BB14077 Blouse
$58 -

French Curve Timo Anklet
$12 -