Monday, March 21, 2011


usually the most i expose to the public is minor to major cleavage, i mean a bit of boob never hurt anybody ;) but as of late, i'm so into cropped tops. 

[there's one top i am sooo obsessed with now and will be purchasing, will def post pix when i receive it]. when the tummy gets to tip top i will be indulging in the mid drift baring, but for now the upper abs will be getting major play. 

i love the the way Rihanna wears her tops in the pictures below, above the belly button: OBSESSED the color combo here, the magenta crop top & melon pants--everything about this look just works! 

Bey & Kelly's super sexy above the belly button looks are exactly how i would wear cropped tops. Solange's texture mismatch look is perfect for easy breezy daily wear as well.
& Carrie, she's here b/c...duh, she's the originator of the sexy midriff.

let me know what u think, loves ;)

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  1. Where do I get a cropped tee from? Im having trouble finding them?