Tuesday, March 1, 2011

birds of a feather...

feather earrings: obsessed. ear cuffs: obsessed. right now i am very into anni jürgenson's ear cuffs. & all topshop feather earrings, like always. 

 in order of appearance: anni, owlita (2), anni (3), free people, topshop (3)


  1. There are many types of earring organizers to fit your needs and budget. If you own only a few pairs of earrings then a small earring tree, case, or rack might do the trick. Earring trees usually hold between five and ten pairs of earrings and enable you to display them neatly on a decorative storage unit that resembles a tree made of brass, sterling silver, or other materials. The lovely earring tree adds beauty to any jewelry table or dresser top.

  2. love these earings!!! I have been looking for them everywhere:)