Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finger Paints Lucky in Love Lime + OPI's Black Shatter + Black Sequin Bow Bag

So i borrowed OPI's Black Shatter to test it out before buying [I had to practically pry it out of her little cunty hands. geez. I SAID I'll bring it back], and I must say LOVES IT!

I put it over Finger Paints Lucky in Love Lime. I wanted to try it over OPI's Cabana Banana, but I want to see how it holds up with non OPI lacquer underneath.  Can't wait to try it with hot pinks and purples.  I didn't put a clear top coat over the Black Shatter as some do to avoid the matte look.  I like it matte, but wouldn't be against using a clear top coat though.

& here's my super excessive black sequin bag, clad with rosettes, stones AND ruffles. a bit much? try WAY too much, but it is one of my most favorite bags and the fact that it's all black, i think, tones it down. 
NIBSFR!!!! (i know, u don't get it, it ain't for you) ;)

x, loves ;)

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