Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OPI's / Katy Perry's Black Shatter!

I was gonna post this later on, but what the hell. LOVES IT so much i couldn't contain myself!

K, so my bunny [friend in the words of normal people] Jess sent me this pic the other day...after her excitedly rambling about it, i was intrigued but still needed to see picture perfect proof.  

so here's the deal.

OPI's Katy Perry Collection features 5 shades: Teenage Dream, a pink glittery hue ; Not Like the Movies,  depending on the lighting, greenish-pink metallic ; Last Friday Night, blue-purple shimmer/glittery ; The One That Got Away, vibrant magenta with purple tones & then the actual Black Shatter shade, matte black.  

Black Shatter is to be lightly painted with a thin coat over any dry lacquer.  When dry, you get the shattered effect.  You don't have to paint from cuticle to tip in a neat way to achieve the effect, so no need to be specific and particular about it. 

Although I definitely have super cute shades of my own that I would love to try, here are my fave OPI shades unlike any that I own that would look ah-mazing with Black Shatter atop: 

Katy's Last Friday Night & Not Like the Movies, OPI's Simply Smashing, Yodel Me on My Cell, Y'all Come Back Ya Hear, I Vant to Be A-Lone Star, Dating a Royal & Jade Is the New Black.

Go here and click on Katy's collection for a tutorial and to try the colors on a simulated hand! & check out YT for vids on Black Shatter as well.

P.S. I would like to thank Bunny, my forever cunty hand model. thank u, come again.

x, loves ;)

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