Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what i wore. studs + leopard

Yes, this über closeup is for a reason. I am loving my lip color! It's OCC Lip Tars in Trollop. I enjoy the term "trollop." I had planned to do a post on swatches on the Tars. Or maybe i'll just wear whenev & be sure to site the shades. Suggestions?

These studded pointy toe pumps are the closest i'll get to the Loubou Pigalle, I have had them forever and i am so enamored with them. They hurt like hell, but that's irrelevant; I rock 'em every chance I get.

I've been on the hunt for a leopard scarf for ages, was so glad to find this one!

I saw a pair exactly like this at f21 & didn't get them b/c i have another very similar pair seen here. Not getting them then was my attempt to stop my habit of sometimes buying the same types of things over and over. Sigh. Whatev. I like what I like.

Beauty can be had on a budget, remember that ladies! U just gotta know how to get the bang for your buck. & decide on which types of items to splurge.

jacket: wetseal [from like 3 yrs ago]
pants: f21 [i love these! can u tell? ha]
scarf, earrings, top: pay half
pumps: f21

x, loves ;)

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