Friday, April 29, 2011 buys + styled pix

got two sweaters from after watching many youtube haul videos feat. this company; in some the workmanship on the clothing looked iffy, so be warned--choose carefully.

i decided on these two sweaters:

AND I LOVE THEM!!! they are made incredibly well & sturdy.

i first saw sweater #1 on nastygal for $100+ and was not into that price & vowed to find it cheaper. then saw NiaSays [she's gorgeous, btw, isn't she?] wearing it while doing an OOTD from hong kong ....

--we have the same camera too, i love her style, it's very similar to mine, so once i saw her vid i knew i could find it at YesStyle!

the color blocked one was not in stock at the time i ordered, which they do not tell u before u place your order, so it had to be ordered from manufacturer. my total wait time, with shipping [i did express for $10] was 12 week days. to try to avoid the wait time, order things that say "shipped 1-2 days," in hindsight it was def worth the wait.

shoes [all in order of appearance]: JC Loggins, JC Bjork, JC MaryRoks all from Lori's; accessorizes : Topshop, random, Topshop ; tops: nastygal, H&M, F21

x, loves ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

what i wore [5 day edition]

                       [outfit of the day #1] (above)

[outfit of the day #2] (above)

[outfit of the day #3] (above)

[outfit of the day #4] (above)

[outfit of the day #5] (above)

OOTD #1: Blaque Label top, Lori's
necklace, Lori's
motorcycle jeggings, H&M
boots: JC, Lori's

OOTD #2: jacket, H&M
scarf: Lori's
random black leggings
Calvin Klein over the knee slouchy socks, Lori's
fringe bag: H&M
boots, Brent by Dolce Vita

OOTD #3: top, H&M
jeggings: F21
earrings: Topshop
boots: Vic Matie, worn here
i am in love with my Spring three toned hair color, 
did it myself--seen more clearly in pic 2 of OOTD 3 :)

OOTD #4: puffed sleeve floral dress, F21
random black opaque tights
boots: MIA Buckingham

OOTD #5: top/dress, H&M [i sized up 4 sizes to make into a dress]
boots, JC, Lori's
earrings, Topshop

x, loves ;)

Chic Sighting: Kourt Khardash [& her bell bottoms]

Bell bottoms get a resounding NOOOO from me EVERYTIME. Usually, no matter who rocks it, it looks dated & just ewww. But Kourt K makes it look chic and sophisticated, which is hard to do with bell bottoms.

 The key seems to be the flair & the tightness of the jean in the thigh. If the thigh is too tight you will most def end up looking like Thelma of Good Times: tacky, by 2011 standards [because Thelma was IT for 1976, the key being for 1976]. 

If u look at picture #3, that, to me is borderline excessive flair, that look is not my favorite; the 1st, 2nd & 4th pics show a perfect pant leg: straight, not tight in the thigh, moderately wide, draping over her shoe. I applaud her, this is how it should be done.

x, loves ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what i wore. h&m long back button up + faux leather panel leggings

top: h&m
panel leggings: f21
boots: dolce vita, brent

x, loves ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Three Finger Snake Ring!

Ok, so I saw this ring worn by Beautycrush [who saw it via Karen of wheredidugetthat] below, & had to have it! 

It also has symbolic meaning as well for me. About 3-4 months ago, I had been having terrifying dreams nightly about snakes. I am not particularly fond of snakes, but I am not necessarily afraid of them. I find them to be sort of interesting. To clarify, I would find it unsettling if one was loose in the house & i didn't know where it was, but I have and would hold and touch one, so I found the reoccurring dreams to be sort of weird as I have no literal fear of snakes.

In my dreams, the snakes were chasing me, and I was terrified. When I looked up what these dreams meant i found that it signifies that one is troubled by some fear, so much so that you feel you must run; when one deals with this fear the dreams would stop, it seemed. & they have! No snake dreams for months! I am celebrating this with owning the thing that terrified me subconsciously :)

It looks so cool on--love how the snake is taking a bite into the third finger.

remember, the things that bind us are never insurmountable!
x, loves ;)

NASTYGAL Haul : old & new

the love that i have for Nastygal is immeasurable. [& i love the meaning behind the name, its homage to Betty Davis]. the owner/stylist has great taste and is truly abreast of current fashion, she knows want we want and she knows what sells. look at her site. this is the best site ever for twenty somethings. she's just badasss in general. yes, it's pricey. but things do go on sale, u just have to keep an eye out; some things are a bit too L.A. for me, but you will find truly original pieces here! now on to the good stuff--the buys! 

this shirt is fkkn ahhhh mazing. i don't know how i managed to miss it right up until i was checking out. i always feel like i am missing something so i usu go back & do a quick deliberate skim right b4 i click "checkout." my worst nightmare would be to have placed an order and then see something else i want afterwards. the horror. [insert smh here from the bf. "really, that's the only thing u can think of as your worst nightmare? u're crazy." me: shrug].

i also got this top that i have been salivating over for months. i had high hopes and she was going to be my staple white sheer the plastic, so excited...get her looked like shit on a stick. big boobs & this top don't mix. selling to my fellow small boobed, Nastygal whore, Amelia. she'll wear her well.

love the color! I LOVE THIS SHIRT. will look great paired with big bangles, earrings and skinnies & a short boot or my Vic Maties. 

i've been looking for a black peasant-like dress with a kick forever! so technically this is a top, but being that i am 5' i can often make tops into dresses, this makes me very happy when i can do such things. i got the usu. size medium in a large and voila--dress! [i could've prob still done the med as a dress but i didn't want it to be tooooo short, where when i reach up for something, every1 sees my goodies. i'd rather go up than down when doing this, b/c too large can be fixed, too small obvi cannot] it is sheer in the back, so i'd wear a strapless under dress thingy in black under when wearing as a dress. if i do ever wear as a top i could do leggings, then i'd wear no top underneath, i doubt that any1 would be offended by seeing the back of my bra.

& since i never did pix of the other stuff i bought from Nastygal in Jan, here are pics of those things too!

love love love love these leggings! here's a look i put together with them. i wore them with my Gezanas & one of my fave tops here

this sweater i've been wearing a lot b/c i love it so much! it's a lot of fabric & i'm short so i have to be aware of that. i'll wear it open, i have belted it before as well, to give it a bit of waist. worn below. 

also got this floral cuff watch & the foxy mama glasses. 

look out for a video within the week of styled looks with these items!
x, loves ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

H&M Minor Haul, etc.

took a trip to h&m on a quest to find high waisted pants a la Rihanna, in the pic here.  for me, major fail. h&m does have super cute belted ones in beige & blue khaki styles if u r tall & interested.

got this sized bigger b/c it comes down a bit longer in the back if sized up. i like the longer back. love the colors! so summery. i'd wear it now alone or over a longer spaghetti strap top [in black or beige] with a blazer over. 

okay, i cannot wait to wear this! i have an eyelet dress in taupe similar in shape to this from Zara and i have been looking for a long sleeved one to wear with tights, something sheer, floral/zig zag, maybe? this is technically a top that i got like 4 sizes larger so it'd be dress length, it fits just how i wanted it to!!

ok, i saw this is knew i had to buy it! it was the last one. OBSESSED with the leather elbow patches. 

the intense love that i have for these two tops cannot be expressed. i have forever been looking for a white button up with a long back forever, at a good price!! &  i love lace, so when i saw this it was like moth to a flame. i had to get both colors. if they would've had black, i would've been elated. can't push it, i guess. 

LOVE THESE SO MUCH. found 'em on sale online. Dolce Vita, Brent.

saw these Skull Candy headphone set & in earphones like last year and wanted these EXACT ones SO BAD--found 'em on sale for $25, originally priced at like $60! bam. the little skulls are so cute, they're interchangeable on the headset. the in ear headphones are just standard. both headsets are iphone compatible & have built in mics for phone calls. sound i think is great, i love them.