Wednesday, April 6, 2011

H&M Mini Haul

love these!!! so unique. 

my feather obsession runs deep. love this color. currently obsessed with all things of this salmon-ish hue.

got this jacket oversized, at least 2 sizes too large for a boyfriend look and feel. told u i was into this color.

i wear a lot of black, but have found myself needing more white tops. love the center seam down the back on this top & the longer back.

it's sheer. and navy. what's not to love?

ah mazing color. very unforgiving shape, give me some time, i'll make it work. but had to get it b/c i saw it in the lookbook and knew it was a must have. can create a slimmer silhouette w/ a blazer or something of the sort, i'm thinking.

simple black oversized top. i'm always in.

i mean, really, as soon as i saw this it was LOVE. the longer back, very into that as u can tell. oh, & the leopard.

the color is just beautiful! very loose, open crochet pattern but still very substantial. one of my favorites.

 I saw a girl with a jacket like this from Banana Republic, and have been looking for this look without the price tag....then BAM found this! lightweight but still warm. Spring staple. 

I went to the Oakbrook location. The best Il location IMO. Their sale section is large, found three things on sale: the black top, the white top ($15) & the cargo jacket ($20). don't remember prices for everything else, but it was all $24.95 & under except for the blue sheer top which I believe was $34.95.

stock up, loves! x

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