Saturday, April 16, 2011

H&M Minor Haul, etc.

took a trip to h&m on a quest to find high waisted pants a la Rihanna, in the pic here.  for me, major fail. h&m does have super cute belted ones in beige & blue khaki styles if u r tall & interested.

got this sized bigger b/c it comes down a bit longer in the back if sized up. i like the longer back. love the colors! so summery. i'd wear it now alone or over a longer spaghetti strap top [in black or beige] with a blazer over. 

okay, i cannot wait to wear this! i have an eyelet dress in taupe similar in shape to this from Zara and i have been looking for a long sleeved one to wear with tights, something sheer, floral/zig zag, maybe? this is technically a top that i got like 4 sizes larger so it'd be dress length, it fits just how i wanted it to!!

ok, i saw this is knew i had to buy it! it was the last one. OBSESSED with the leather elbow patches. 

the intense love that i have for these two tops cannot be expressed. i have forever been looking for a white button up with a long back forever, at a good price!! &  i love lace, so when i saw this it was like moth to a flame. i had to get both colors. if they would've had black, i would've been elated. can't push it, i guess. 

LOVE THESE SO MUCH. found 'em on sale online. Dolce Vita, Brent.

saw these Skull Candy headphone set & in earphones like last year and wanted these EXACT ones SO BAD--found 'em on sale for $25, originally priced at like $60! bam. the little skulls are so cute, they're interchangeable on the headset. the in ear headphones are just standard. both headsets are iphone compatible & have built in mics for phone calls. sound i think is great, i love them.

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