Monday, April 18, 2011

Three Finger Snake Ring!

Ok, so I saw this ring worn by Beautycrush [who saw it via Karen of wheredidugetthat] below, & had to have it! 

It also has symbolic meaning as well for me. About 3-4 months ago, I had been having terrifying dreams nightly about snakes. I am not particularly fond of snakes, but I am not necessarily afraid of them. I find them to be sort of interesting. To clarify, I would find it unsettling if one was loose in the house & i didn't know where it was, but I have and would hold and touch one, so I found the reoccurring dreams to be sort of weird as I have no literal fear of snakes.

In my dreams, the snakes were chasing me, and I was terrified. When I looked up what these dreams meant i found that it signifies that one is troubled by some fear, so much so that you feel you must run; when one deals with this fear the dreams would stop, it seemed. & they have! No snake dreams for months! I am celebrating this with owning the thing that terrified me subconsciously :)

It looks so cool on--love how the snake is taking a bite into the third finger.

remember, the things that bind us are never insurmountable!
x, loves ;)

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