Friday, April 8, 2011

Topshop Earrings Haul!

i LOVE THESE! they're huge & textured. 

these bangles are awesome. period.

these are huge. will be easy to wear & pair with other things.

these are fukkin amazing. the stones on them are pale pink & green, the cam didn't pick up the color! saw beautycrush on youtube w/ similar ones & fell in LOVE. my faves.

i loves me some chandelier earrings. these are super light weight.

love the ethnic vibe of these. love the wood. 

i was so excited about these when i saw 'em. wish they were bigger. they'd be hot if they were HUGE.

boho. love love them.

bad ass. 

the second pair here are bigger in person than they look here, was hard to get a good shot b/c they kept turning.

& i wanted to share my creative little jewelry idea with u loves! my bunny gave me this chandelier light...& i made it into a jewelry holder!
& here's my accessory area if u care.

be sure to check back in for more hauls!
x, loves ;)

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