Thursday, April 28, 2011

what i wore [5 day edition]

                       [outfit of the day #1] (above)

[outfit of the day #2] (above)

[outfit of the day #3] (above)

[outfit of the day #4] (above)

[outfit of the day #5] (above)

OOTD #1: Blaque Label top, Lori's
necklace, Lori's
motorcycle jeggings, H&M
boots: JC, Lori's

OOTD #2: jacket, H&M
scarf: Lori's
random black leggings
Calvin Klein over the knee slouchy socks, Lori's
fringe bag: H&M
boots, Brent by Dolce Vita

OOTD #3: top, H&M
jeggings: F21
earrings: Topshop
boots: Vic Matie, worn here
i am in love with my Spring three toned hair color, 
did it myself--seen more clearly in pic 2 of OOTD 3 :)

OOTD #4: puffed sleeve floral dress, F21
random black opaque tights
boots: MIA Buckingham

OOTD #5: top/dress, H&M [i sized up 4 sizes to make into a dress]
boots, JC, Lori's
earrings, Topshop

x, loves ;)


  1. hi sweety! i wonder why your getting few comments and have an amazing blog!!!-- you write with sense and you know fashion by heart. i'll be following you..hit my blog too if u have time..kisses!

  2. hi dina! my thoughts exactly!! but hey, i do it for my love of fashion :) thank u so much for your kind words, i appreciate it!! yes, follow & i'll return the favor :)