Friday, April 29, 2011 buys + styled pix

got two sweaters from after watching many youtube haul videos feat. this company; in some the workmanship on the clothing looked iffy, so be warned--choose carefully.

i decided on these two sweaters:

AND I LOVE THEM!!! they are made incredibly well & sturdy.

i first saw sweater #1 on nastygal for $100+ and was not into that price & vowed to find it cheaper. then saw NiaSays [she's gorgeous, btw, isn't she?] wearing it while doing an OOTD from hong kong ....

--we have the same camera too, i love her style, it's very similar to mine, so once i saw her vid i knew i could find it at YesStyle!

the color blocked one was not in stock at the time i ordered, which they do not tell u before u place your order, so it had to be ordered from manufacturer. my total wait time, with shipping [i did express for $10] was 12 week days. to try to avoid the wait time, order things that say "shipped 1-2 days," in hindsight it was def worth the wait.

shoes [all in order of appearance]: JC Loggins, JC Bjork, JC MaryRoks all from Lori's; accessorizes : Topshop, random, Topshop ; tops: nastygal, H&M, F21

x, loves ;)

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