Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beyonce Names New Album 4 + Run The World [Girls] Video Teaser

Beyonce slated to release new album, titled 4 soon.  I haven't seen a release date, but it has been said that she has recored 72 tracks already to be sent the her record label.  

Some may wonder why "4"? Other artists to use number titled albums include Adele, Prince, Omarion to name a few, so Bey's number choice is not so odd.  The number "4" has great significance to her as she & hubby Jay Z were born on the 4th of the month. She on 9.4, he on 11.4, they got hitched 4.4; she has roman numeral IV tattooed on her ring finger. I have also heard that her mother's birthday is on the 4th of the month. 

So, I am Beyonce fan.  I am not a Beyonce "stan," the kind of "stalker fan" that is obsessed, and will fight people who don't blindly worship her; i will and do throw shade at her at times. 

Everything she does is not good, I'm an honest Bey fan.  Speaking of not good, "Run the World [Girls]" song released in April sucks [video was slated to be released 5.13, has been pushed back]. Sucks. Sucks. Check the numbers, this song has majorly flopped. 

I mean, really Bey, this is what u put out after this long lapse of silence? The "Girls" video though, is bad ass, from what I saw in the teaser, I just wish that the song itself was stronger!!

Come harder, in your own words. When you have competition like LADY GAGA, on MEGA MEGA MEGA SUPERSTAR LEVEL [lovessss her, she is dynamic & obviously loves her fans], Rihanna [now i lovesssss her to the umpteenth power, she is very relatable] continually blazing her trail, gaining huge popularity, getting endorsements, holding the crown as the COOL artist, the one that everyone wants to dress like, Katy Perry marketing herself to a wider audience with songs with Snoop, Kanye. ...i mean, really, this is what u put out? We want something that's genuine and goes back to your roots, Bey. Come on, now. I'm bored.  The "Move Your Body" vid is more exciting, and received more press that "Girls!" 

Don't disappoint us, Bey--we need a good album from you. Don't flop.
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x, loves ;)

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