Friday, May 20, 2011

Beyonce's "Run The World [Girls]" video [official video attached]: my biased review

ok, so I am actually a Beyonce fan.  I am not a "stan" however, a "stalker fan" who thinks that everything she does is amazing.

 The thing is that I prefer an edgy, relatable, bad ass type of artist, such as Rihanna b/c I feel like she comes off as more genuine and relatable, TO ME. that being said, I am not in any way, taking away from the bad bish that Beyonce is--she is beautiful and is a true diva, no one of our era is more of a show woman, i generally love all of her songs and will sing along and dance to them. period. i just think her carefully crafted "good, wholesome girl" image is  more than a bit boring and can come off as disingenuous, even with her attempts to "harden" it up--she's obviously gotten the memo that we want more edge, a la Gaga and Rih :) also, i do not think that she is well spoken, she often sounds uneducated to me, this could be b/c she is Southern. the previous sentence may offend some. *shrug*

so, the video: I FUKKIN LOVE IT. it's hard and fast paced. the upper body gyrations are SICK. the dancing on her toes with the guys in the opener amazing. the yellow dress scene, the ass shaking, i mean really, she did it. & did it well. CLAPS FOR HER!! 

but i do think that the song is kind of lacking in substance. she should've come harder. more lyrical content. that's all i'm saying. ask yourself would u play this song on your ipod when getting ready to go out with the girls? my answer is NO. the message, though, is resounding, i love it. "Who run the world? GIRLS." 

u be the judge! tell me how u see it!!
x, loves  ;)

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