Friday, May 13, 2011

Block That Color! Color Blocking 101

Color blocking is a game of sorts; think of it as your chance to mix and match otherwise ridiculous shades together to create neon perfection!  You can chose to go with articles of clothing that literally feature “blocked” color, sections of varying shades, as seen here:

Or, you can get creative and put together pieces of different colors to create a color blocking effect, worn below by Camille Bell and seen below in Jill Sander & Max Mara’s Spring 2011 collections.

To get this look, minus the runway, keep these tips in mind:

1.   More Than Three’s a Crowd
Stick with two or three colors, three is preferred as it is more interesting and  creates more contrast in comparison to two colors.

2.    Clash Away
Remember, that the normal rules no longer apply, so pair together colors that you normally would not.  Pinks, deep purples paired with orange; yellow and teal; magenta, orange, and ultramarine blue together are my favorite color combination. 

3.    Family Ties
  Feel free to contrast two tonal variations with a contrasting jarring shade, such as the aforementioned pink, purple or teal and deep blue. It will be perfection!

4.    Be Colorful & Proud
The point is to keep it vivid and bright, so no dark tones.

5.    Accessorize to a Bare Minimum
If accessorizes must be added, go simple and neutral; break up the colors with neutral belts/bags such as cream, grey, or tan.  Do not attempt to integrate patterns…No.  Ever.

take a look at my polyvore here for some toned down color blocked looks!

x, loves ;)

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