Monday, May 16, 2011

forever 21 über petite haul

i saw this black feather necklace online, then it disappeared. i was so disappointed, it was the perfect feather necklace for me: black & i love the leather woven through the chain! i had not found one that i liked, all of the others i'd seen elsewhere were too busy, too many feathers, chains, fringe, etc. --just too much, and too brown. tracked this one down at the lincoln park f21, by giving them the item code of a similar item and a really awesome guy was able to find it with the description i gave! it was the last one, how lucky :)

this scarf i love. i saw a fellow blogger wearing one from H&M colored in mostly blue and wanted it. but since i cannot control myself in H&M, i haven't been in. & the bf will flip is i buy more stuff when we are planning to decorate and take our annual couple trip ;) this scarf is a good holdover :)

be sure to check back in for [not so petite] forever 21, asos, & miss selfridge hauls within the week!!

x, loves ;)

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