Friday, May 6, 2011

what i wore. nastygal boho + fringe

as u can tell, these boots are my favorite ones so i wear them allllllll the time. & i've broken them in completely, so i love 'em even more. thx, JC for making shoes that make my life more awesome ;)

anywho, how gorg is it out today?! 6 hrs of work today, which is a real treat, i dress how i feel so this was the perfect dress for today! i cannot explain to u how ME this dress is! it's everything i love: black, sheer, flirty, girly & original. the back, I LOVE THE SHEER BACK. i have on a black tube dress underneath, mine had attachable straps which i use [got from F21], b/c these boobies cannot go rogue, they need support that strapless contraptions cannot provide. 

for me, heels are a must when i wear this--heels are usu. a must for everything, i'm 5' so....this is one of my favorite necklaces. the perfect boho accessory, it completes any outfit. though about big earrings at first, no necklace, cuz u know how i love 'em, but it looks heavy, like i was trying to hard--plus i feel like wearing easy accs. my earrings can be kind of heavy. don't feel like that today.

why am i rambling? 
enjoy this ah mazing weather!!

dress: nastygal
boots: JC
necklace: Lori's
jacket: F21

x, loves ;)

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