Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what i wore [video] : yesstyle + JC

i obvi have some kinks to work out, the videos will get better, promise!

watch here on YouTube :)

[fyi: scroll down to the side of my blog to the music pod & pause the music to hear the sound for this video] 

x, loves ;)


  1. hey sweetie! great idea for u to start ur own channel..but watching ur vid here in ur blog is kinda a challenge--the "mixpod" messes up with your audio..or maybe I just didn't know how to figure it all out?lol..

  2. hey, dina :) thx for the heads up! u'd have to pause the music on the side to the left to listen to what i'm saying. this should've uploaded in HD which is annoying that it didn't :/ gonna add 2 tube.

  3. cool! lookin' forward to more videos of u..kisses!

  4. by the way i loooooooooooooooveeee that necklace!

  5. u're so sweet, dina, thank you!! thx so much for watching & reading, & looking!! haaa. & your blog is so cute, u're gorgeous! i know, isn't the necklace awesome? I had to have it after it disappeared online, i stalked it. i have a problem. lol