Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jay Z Records Beyonce Backstage Singing 1+1 & Listen 2 Bey's New Singles: "Party" + "End of Time"

ok, the raw emotion i hear in her voice in this song, had me shed a small tear. if i could get this exact vocal in mp3 form, i would've bought it. why did it seem so boring on Idol? maybe b/c her love, Jay Z, was close to her when she was singing in the dressing room. love is sweet.

we all know that i'm no Beyonce stan (stalker fan), the person who is obsessed with her, watching videos of her back to back, wanting to look like her...BUT, i must give her props when due: this video is amazing. her voice, amazing. she looks amazing. she has true talent. now, if she could capture this authenticity, maybe she'd stop falling off the charts and be able TO SIT ON TOP of the charts like that bish Rih #RihannaNavy ;)

you be the judge, listen 2 Bey's 2 new singles: here's [<< CLICK] "End of Time." listen to Party [<< CLICK] feat. Kanye & Andre 3000.  Both songs get a C from me, i wouldn't turn 'em on when getting ready to go out. snooze. blah, not upbeat enough,  not engaging. we need bangers. it's summertime. I do love Andre 3000 part though, original stuff from him like always.


x, loves ;)

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