Sunday, July 17, 2011

EPIC Solestruck Fall 2011 Lookbook: My Faves

oM-F'N-G, i cannot take the otherworldly-ness of Solestruck's Fall 2011 Lookbook. so much black...chunky...layered looks....fringe...did i say boots, to be exact....and how AH MAZING IS THE MODEL'S LEOPARD SKIRT?! have emailed about where to purchase, i wait with breath that is bated.

k, now here are my favorites in order of preference... [i need prices posted asap, Solestruck, so i can get my financial plan together; plz and thx. until then, i will stalk the site.]

[below] I MUST HAVE THESE--IF THESE ARE THE ONLY PAIR I COULD GET, IT WOULD BE THESE!! i die. they were made for me. 
[below] i LOVE this skirt. & the tights with the structured shoe.
 [below] uh duh. color: love. need #2.

[below] i mean, REALLY?! THE GOLD HEEL. ummmm...i would sleep in these. need #3? ones i cannot not have. look how cute they look w/ scrunched down socks. layering possibilities are endless. copying this EXACT LOOK. oh, wait. but this looks a lot like my Lita, minus the mirror heel & major platform. do i need this then? is it worth it just for the added punch of the gold heel & the neutral black. probably not. for neutral black, i'd rather go with the irregular choice ruffled one up top.

[below] love the femme + masculine look. can't wait to get JC's Elegant St. lookalike, similar to the studded loafer you see here.
what to say? ridic. not really wearable for me, but great to look at.

[below] outfit: love, namely how they styled the white top with the layered skirts. i love little pointy witch shoes like these & think ankle straps like these are so sexy, especially with tights.

[below] i just love her outfit here! the shoes, not that impressive to me.

[below] great choice of tights for contrast, look really good together with the shoe. 

[below] boots: hate. AH MAZING LAYERING JOB though!! will be replicating this look, love wearing socks this way. i kinda sorta have a similar poncho....c'mon Fall, i am SO READY.
what do u think, loves? ;) x


  1. Ash

    I am loving everything in the lookbook! Especially the styling...

    Now you know how I dispise Lita's but those gold heeled lookalikes I can actually see my self wearing. So much inspiration. Can't wait for fall.

  2. i know, right, Bran!! the styling is what i am obsessed with. the head stylist is this girl named Lala Lopez. at first i thought it was carmelo's lala but i was like "um no, she does not dress that well." haa.

    yessssss, i know, i want those black Lita copies!!! that heel is just making me obsessed. i can't wait either!!! sent u a fb thing, u c it?