Thursday, August 4, 2011

I WANT, I NEED : highlighter neon yellow satchel by CSC

these little neon beauties by Cambridge Satchel Company have been popping up everywhere, from the likes of Vogue & major fashion blogger heavy hitter sites, such as Karen of wheredidugetthat.  

they come in 4 fluorescent shades: fluro yellow [my favorite], fluro pink & fluro orange in 11," 13," 14," & 15" sizes.  they start at 98p, the eqiv of $160 for 11."  the little euro shop, supposedly run by a mother & daughter handmake the bags and provide personalized letter engraving in silver, black, etc. the wait, i've been told is at least 30 days. 

i want, i need the fluro yellow in 13"!!! initially, i was drawn to the pink, but quickly realized that its pink hue would annoy me over time. i also happened to see the yellow in person and it was GORGEOUS. plus, the yellow is a more complimentary color in pairing with other shades, in comparison to the pink; the yellow would never fall flat, no matter what you pair it with!

 i'm imagining how it would pop with my nastygal knotted skirt in electric blue or my electric blue wedges....or my purple litas....or the new black printed litas i plan on getting immediately...oh, the beauty!

i def don't need to be talked into it, but i will be twiddling my thumbs waiting for it to arrive!!

x, loves ;)


  1. Get out of my head!!! Lol.

    We like and buy the same ish- like that leopard top in the previous post. I want one of these purses also, but I think in pink or orange....

  2. haaaaa, duh, it's always like that, B, u know this!! i like the pink for u, i hate orange tho. lol. i just think that the highlighter yellow is hot & bold!! i so almost bought it last nite, but i told myself not to, to wait a week. would compliment a lot of stuff i already have, been trying 2 slow down on the retail consumption......oMG, B, u're gonna love/hate my new litas i'm about 2 get today, will send u pic later ;) & FNO, i'm SOOO in!!!! check email