Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chic Sighting: Solange

this look is a bit old. here Solange is seen in 2009. but so what? it speaks volumes that this look is very much on trend--she was obviously very much ahead of the curve. Solange's style is usually a hit with me--i love how she is usually seen in a vibrantly colored shoe...Solange, why not have your stylist help out your sister? no shade. but shade. ha.

she wears the American Apparel disco pants perfectly! makes me want them. bad. love the pairing of the pant with the shingly top! the bleeding Chanel earrings adds classic appeal with a bad bitch twist. bag? not a fan, at all. i would've done a pop of color for the bag! deep purple or electric blue would have been AH MAZING!!
x, loves ;)

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