Saturday, October 29, 2011

OOTN Black + Nastygal Hot Pink Blazer + Topshop & H&M

hey, loves ;) hope u likey the videos, it's much easier & a bit more interactive i feel! feedback? on another note, i'm in the midst of re-doing my closet--look at the newly painted "Prince Charming" Purple walls! I LOVE. so much more work to do, i have so many great ideas planned!!!! will let u know when she's completed :)
x, loves

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OOTD Nastygal Hot Pink Blazer + Mink Pink Slasher Shorts + F21 Fringe Top

hey, loves! the blog's been on the fritz lately, as well as my youtube channel--i've been so exhausted & such. plz be sure to check out my youtube (look to the left side of the page for the link!) as nowadays i'm more prone to post a video--i will start posting videos here as entries as well as i work out my photo situation. nonetheless, i have revamping plans for both this blog & my channel, so stay tuned and hang in there with me ;) x, loves ;)