Sunday, November 27, 2011

NEW IN! Topshop Cable Knit Sleeve Biker Jacket in Black

i have been wanting this jacket since it's previously released version w/ cream sleeves, so i was head over heels when i saw it in ALL BLACK--even better!! my love affair w/ black runs deep, as we all know. i hadn't been able to find the perfect biker jacket until now :D
[retails for $118]

x, loves ;)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mini Hauls: Topshop + Nastygal + Unif + Forever21 [Videos]

my favorite recent buys. these are the items that i absolutely love!
side note: excuse some of the random short-adjusting in video #2 & general discombobulation.

x, loves ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chic For Less: Nastygal vs. Forever21

[upper: forever21, lower: forever21]
i recently purchased the fringe kimono/cardigan above--i can be seen wearing it in the video below
--and i am so glad that i did! even more glad that it was purchased at forever21 for $24.80 rather than nastygal's $68. loves me some nastygal, but i love saving money on clothes even more ;)

remember to stay on high alert for deals, loves!


Chic Sighting: Ciera in Flawless Fur!

girl. flawless. the black look is just dynamite. yes, i said, dynamite. i've never used that word before. & it's strange that i've used it just now. moving on..... BUT, if i could, i would change one thing about the black look--i'd undo that crop-top. yes, C's tummy is uber tight, and should be on display, but i think it screams "video shoot." definitely un-crop the crop-top.

i'm so into faux fur--real fur if i could actually afford it--especially on heavy knits, as well as fur stoles. want to steal the look? try thrifting. h&m has also been stocking a fab neutral colored stole w/ built in clip--clip onto the tops of blazers, sweaters, etc.--i love mine! or try a simple eBay search!

x, loves ;)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Style Notes: How I Style Cardigans

i thought this would be a fun, casual video to do, so i did it! i figured that doing it via video would be a bit more interactive :) excuse the mess, after tossing on so many looks, things got a bit messy :) also, my attempt at labeling all of the looks throughout the vid went right out the window as i got into the editing--so here's detailed item info on all of the looks.  i think that the item info for the first 6 or 7 looks though are shown in the video, but nonetheless....i've specified what items are "old buys" and which are "recent buys" (within the last 2 months). i'm wearing OCC Lip Tar in Anime, btw.

look 1: f21 blue flannel [old buy] ; minkpink denim cutoffs, via plnder [old buy] ; topshop suspender tights [recent buy] ; f21 fringe cardy [very recent buy] ; jeffrey campbell, bjork [old buy] ; asos tribal earrings [old buy]

look 2: nastygal eyelash fringe carry [recent buy] ; f21 beige fringe top [more recent buy] ; minkpink cutoffs ; akira OTK suede boots [old buy] ; topshop suspended tights

look 3: century 21 nyc knit calvin klein vest [old buy] ; f21 being extra long carry [old buy] ; h&m long back tye dye tank [old buy] ; jeffrey campbell, dallas [old buy] ; topshop suspender tights

look 4: KateThisIsWhatIDo reptile cross print T, minkpink cutoffs, topshop suspender tights & collar necklace [recent buys], colorful striped cardy [old buy], dolce vita, pippa [old buy]

look 5: KateThisIsWhatIDo reptile cross print T, minkpink cutoffs, topshop suspender tights [old buy] ; jeffrey campbell, tick [old buy] ; f21 denim shirt [old buy] ; ethnic print oversized carry [old buy]

look 6: topshop faux fur carry [more recent buy] ; JC litas in purple [old buy] ; h&m high waisted shorts [old buy] ; f21 "good times" crop top [recent buy]

look 7: f21 crop top [kinda recent buy] ; f21 denim shirt [old buy] ; f21 ethnic print pant [old old buy] ; f21 faux fur vest [recent buy] ; michael antonio, gezana (electric blue wedges) [old buy]

look 8: topshop blue crop top [old buy] & topshop ethnic necklace [recent buy] ; f21 pearl shoulder sweater [recent buy] ; f21 purple jeans [recent buy] ; JC elegant in beige [old buy] ; nastygal oversized carry coat [old buy]

look 9: topshop crop tops, leopard & blue [old buys] ; topshop collar 
necklace [recent buy] ; f21 wide leg trousers [recent buy] ; JC elegant in teal [old buy] ; f21 long beige carry [very old buy] ; f21 studded pointy toe pump [very old buy]

look 10: f21 ethnic print vest [very recent buy] ; f21 black & white bow top [very old buy] ; wetseal torn jeans [very very old buy] ; JC fringe boots [very very old]

look 11: nastygal eyelash fringe jacket [very recent] ; urban outfitters leopard tee [old buy] ; f21 lace maxi [recent buy] ; f21 booties [very very old]

looks 12 & 13: topshop cardy [recent] ; topshop open back tee [recent] ; f21 denim shirt ; h&m leggings [recent]; JC lita in black/coffee metallic ; f21 ethnic print vest [very recent]

look 14: JC lita in black/coffee metallic [old] ; h&m high shorts [old] ; topshop leopard sweater [recent] ; f21 fringe cardy [recent] ; rings: f21

x, loves ;)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

hair obsessions: THE BUN

i took the liberty of making the pictures of my favorite buns larger :) we all know how strongly i feel about hair, it can be the defining factor for your look--do u want to be one of those otherworldly people with...*gasp* BAD HAIR...or do u want to be the girl with the flawless locks? you decide. 
at the moment, i am so into buns. usually, my hair is sleek and straight or big and bold, i don't do UPDOS. but these high falutin buns have got me in a tizzy!
 x, loves ;)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Closet Makeover! [under construction]

she's coming along, but i still have more work to do! :)

since this video was made i have since taken out the drawers & replaced them with 18 compartment black cubbies for clothing [next to the rack...] i plan on filling the wall under the jewelry holder with 9 compartment cubbies as well...still need to figure out the shoes...& getting the look i desire in the room. i'm SO enjoying doing this!

final video coming soon when i'm all done!

F.Y.I. , the orangey-brown rooster feather earrings that are seen on the Eiffel Tower holder, as well as the green ostrich feather earrings were made by me--i will post more detailed pictures of my creations later :)

x, loves ;)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

closet inspirations

i love the use of knobs as jewelry holders. love the vintage feel! & how cute are the cake platters as places for jewelry?! never thought of this. i see cute little plate/bowls all of the time that can be re-purposed. so inspiring!
OK REALLY?! this girl's closet is MY DREAM. the extra long shelving u see in the middle is EXACTLY what i want! think it can be built, then painted? not by me of course. i know handy people ;)

the pictures below are of Dulce Candy's closet. love what she's done with her closet. I'd do what she has done on a smaller scale--i think that she was wayyyy too much stuff & is an organized hoarder--and replace all of her white with BLACK ;) she has the ikea "ghost chair" i want and love & i love her mannequin forms too, i've found one that i am in love with and been planning to get it soon :) & her use of bookshelves as shoe storage is genius! i told the bf months ago that i wanted to use black book shelves for shoes and he said it was "ghetto." haaa. yes, i know, he doesn't get it.
x, loves ;)