Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chic Sighting: Ciera in Flawless Fur!

girl. flawless. the black look is just dynamite. yes, i said, dynamite. i've never used that word before. & it's strange that i've used it just now. moving on..... BUT, if i could, i would change one thing about the black look--i'd undo that crop-top. yes, C's tummy is uber tight, and should be on display, but i think it screams "video shoot." definitely un-crop the crop-top.

i'm so into faux fur--real fur if i could actually afford it--especially on heavy knits, as well as fur stoles. want to steal the look? try thrifting. h&m has also been stocking a fab neutral colored stole w/ built in clip--clip onto the tops of blazers, sweaters, etc.--i love mine! or try a simple eBay search!

x, loves ;)

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