Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Closet Makeover! [under construction]

she's coming along, but i still have more work to do! :)

since this video was made i have since taken out the drawers & replaced them with 18 compartment black cubbies for clothing [next to the rack...] i plan on filling the wall under the jewelry holder with 9 compartment cubbies as well...still need to figure out the shoes...& getting the look i desire in the room. i'm SO enjoying doing this!

final video coming soon when i'm all done!

F.Y.I. , the orangey-brown rooster feather earrings that are seen on the Eiffel Tower holder, as well as the green ostrich feather earrings were made by me--i will post more detailed pictures of my creations later :)

x, loves ;)

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