Sunday, November 20, 2011

Style Notes: How I Style Cardigans

i thought this would be a fun, casual video to do, so i did it! i figured that doing it via video would be a bit more interactive :) excuse the mess, after tossing on so many looks, things got a bit messy :) also, my attempt at labeling all of the looks throughout the vid went right out the window as i got into the editing--so here's detailed item info on all of the looks.  i think that the item info for the first 6 or 7 looks though are shown in the video, but nonetheless....i've specified what items are "old buys" and which are "recent buys" (within the last 2 months). i'm wearing OCC Lip Tar in Anime, btw.

look 1: f21 blue flannel [old buy] ; minkpink denim cutoffs, via plnder [old buy] ; topshop suspender tights [recent buy] ; f21 fringe cardy [very recent buy] ; jeffrey campbell, bjork [old buy] ; asos tribal earrings [old buy]

look 2: nastygal eyelash fringe carry [recent buy] ; f21 beige fringe top [more recent buy] ; minkpink cutoffs ; akira OTK suede boots [old buy] ; topshop suspended tights

look 3: century 21 nyc knit calvin klein vest [old buy] ; f21 being extra long carry [old buy] ; h&m long back tye dye tank [old buy] ; jeffrey campbell, dallas [old buy] ; topshop suspender tights

look 4: KateThisIsWhatIDo reptile cross print T, minkpink cutoffs, topshop suspender tights & collar necklace [recent buys], colorful striped cardy [old buy], dolce vita, pippa [old buy]

look 5: KateThisIsWhatIDo reptile cross print T, minkpink cutoffs, topshop suspender tights [old buy] ; jeffrey campbell, tick [old buy] ; f21 denim shirt [old buy] ; ethnic print oversized carry [old buy]

look 6: topshop faux fur carry [more recent buy] ; JC litas in purple [old buy] ; h&m high waisted shorts [old buy] ; f21 "good times" crop top [recent buy]

look 7: f21 crop top [kinda recent buy] ; f21 denim shirt [old buy] ; f21 ethnic print pant [old old buy] ; f21 faux fur vest [recent buy] ; michael antonio, gezana (electric blue wedges) [old buy]

look 8: topshop blue crop top [old buy] & topshop ethnic necklace [recent buy] ; f21 pearl shoulder sweater [recent buy] ; f21 purple jeans [recent buy] ; JC elegant in beige [old buy] ; nastygal oversized carry coat [old buy]

look 9: topshop crop tops, leopard & blue [old buys] ; topshop collar 
necklace [recent buy] ; f21 wide leg trousers [recent buy] ; JC elegant in teal [old buy] ; f21 long beige carry [very old buy] ; f21 studded pointy toe pump [very old buy]

look 10: f21 ethnic print vest [very recent buy] ; f21 black & white bow top [very old buy] ; wetseal torn jeans [very very old buy] ; JC fringe boots [very very old]

look 11: nastygal eyelash fringe jacket [very recent] ; urban outfitters leopard tee [old buy] ; f21 lace maxi [recent buy] ; f21 booties [very very old]

looks 12 & 13: topshop cardy [recent] ; topshop open back tee [recent] ; f21 denim shirt ; h&m leggings [recent]; JC lita in black/coffee metallic ; f21 ethnic print vest [very recent]

look 14: JC lita in black/coffee metallic [old] ; h&m high shorts [old] ; topshop leopard sweater [recent] ; f21 fringe cardy [recent] ; rings: f21

x, loves ;)

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