Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chic Sighting: Rihanna in Suspender Tights + American Flag Shorts

i'm a fan. u know this. her look is always on point. i'm especially into this look, especially since i own these tights and have been salivating over these shorts forever. copying. i have the perfect faux fur vest and denim shirt for this.

Shorts by Topshop  
Tights by House of Holland, available at Topshop

also worn above by Solange in Beyonce's "Party" video. I'm also a fan of Solange's style, so I like this look as well--what I do not like is the braids--too 1990s for my own personal taste; i mean, who wears braids nowadays?--and big "hair balls" ; but FOR HER it works.
x, loves ;)


  1. Actually everyone wears braids now, and any true fashionista doesn't care what is in, they wear what works and looks good for them. You shouldn't always follow trends..create your own you!

  2. Everone is wearing braids and those braids take ages to do even 2 days and expensize like 100 to 200 pounds and is not done alot because it difficult and long and i bet you could not do better braids than so try it your self one day and dont bë judgementle and try it you self judge judy