Sunday, December 25, 2011

may all your fashions be chic: Kim K Christmas Card Look

loves me some Kim K as we all know. her makeup is ALWAYS FLAWLESS.  i am obsessed w/ her makeup look shown up above, namely how her liner wings out right where her eyeshadow stops. copying. that cheek contour. perfect. contoured cheeks: so into it. & i was just thinking of wearing my bowtie for x'mas! will let u know how it turns out. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
x, loves ;)


  1. Nunca terminaré de entender la fama de ésta familia. Cuál es el mérito que tienen, el talento ??
    Porqué se les da prensa a gente que no tiene nada que ofrecer ????

  2. I wore my bowtie Thursday night! My post is coming soon also.

  3. anonymous, i respect what u're saying. yes, in the natural sense they have no "talent" nothing to "offer" but yet they still get featured in entertainment news. i think it's because they are interesting, people want to know about them--that's reason enough for fame.

    & yea, i saw B--so cute!! :)