Monday, January 30, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feast on Fashion at the Elysian

B & I, also known as my love, Brandy of mrswindycity headed on over to Feast on Fashion, featuring Sarca, at the Elysian at half past noon today, and let me tell u it was divine. fashion overdose, is what it was!! the pix speak for themselves.
check out my youtube channel for specifics on what i'm wearing. earrings made by me, btw.
x, loves ;)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY: Get Rihanna Stiletto Nails

in the quest to get the stiletto nail look w/o having to make a trip to the nail shop, I decided to try it on my own!
what u'll need:
faux nails 
nail glue
nail clippers
nail file
nail lacquer of your choice
inspiration photos :) 
(click here to see more inspiration photos)
the nails obviously come as is in their square form. 
step 1: apply the nails to your cuticles.
step 2: wait a couple minutes to ensure that the glue has set & that the nails are secure.
step 3: use your nail clipper to clip down the nail on both sides until u get a point at the very tip, it can be jagged pointy. 
step 4: go in with your file 
and shape the sides (i prefer the coarse side of my Princessa file, it's quicker) and round out the jagged point at the stop that u've gotten from clipping the sides w/ the clippers.
step 5: even out, buff, smooth & file until u get the look that u desire!
step 6: apply nail lacquer
 x, loves ;)

Playing Dress Up w/ Lara Miller & Chicago Blogger Network

last nite, the CBN bloggers got the pleasure of viewing Lara Miller's new line for the forthcoming season! we were able to pick out pieces and then take pictures w/ the photog--so fun! 
Lara's line is colorful & fun, I loved it! Lara is so endearing; very personable and genuinely sweet--the environment was very cool, and loft-like. Not to mention that the food and DJ kicked ass! 
i was having such a good time, that i neglected to get any group shots w/ the bloggers or any of my look. but here's a quick mirror shot i did before i left our apt, as well as color shot of my look.
 i'm wearing all american apparel: full length chiffon skirt in tahiti & the 3D floral sweater in purple. & my Jeffrey Campbell Ticks. clutch: & my fave lip color EVER: OCC lip tar in katricia. i got so many compliments on this color, it's so unique :)
(above: Lara & I)
here, I'm wearing a dress from her line, that I changed into for the shoot. ironically, in essentially the same color that she was wearing; she was just amazing, i loved meeting her!
x, loves ;)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chic Sighting: Stiletto Nails

gone are the days of wide acrylic tips. thin, pointy talons are the way to go. Rihanna famously rocks stiletto talons as does Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Adele to name a few.  Fergie keeps hers pointy and short, which is a good alternative for those who don't like them über long.
see my Stiletto Nails DIY here!
 i'm a fan of stiletto talons--i'd rock 'em! thoughts?
x, loves ;)