Tuesday, January 17, 2012

closet confessions: my closet [nearly complete]

for months & months & months i've been perfecting my closet...it's 90% done, i have two adjustments to make. pix (video?) to come when i'm all done!
in the meantime, here are some pix of some adjustments i've made as of late.
the wire jewelry stand was a gift from the bf
chest & dress form, hobby lobby
I LOVE HOBBY LOBBY btw. it's chock full of cutesy little tidbits and major statement pieces for the home....
i've been salivating over this dress form for almost a year, and it finally went on sale! i love her, and her name is Gia :) ...then i saw the chest & knew it would look great w/ the purple walls--i just love the clear knobs on the drawers!
 x, loves ;)

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