Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY: Get Rihanna Stiletto Nails

in the quest to get the stiletto nail look w/o having to make a trip to the nail shop, I decided to try it on my own!
what u'll need:
faux nails 
nail glue
nail clippers
nail file
nail lacquer of your choice
inspiration photos :) 
(click here to see more inspiration photos)
the nails obviously come as is in their square form. 
step 1: apply the nails to your cuticles.
step 2: wait a couple minutes to ensure that the glue has set & that the nails are secure.
step 3: use your nail clipper to clip down the nail on both sides until u get a point at the very tip, it can be jagged pointy. 
step 4: go in with your file 
and shape the sides (i prefer the coarse side of my Princessa file, it's quicker) and round out the jagged point at the stop that u've gotten from clipping the sides w/ the clippers.
step 5: even out, buff, smooth & file until u get the look that u desire!
step 6: apply nail lacquer
 x, loves ;)


  1. I love this!! I'm trying to grow my nails out so I can do it with my real nails!

    I really love your blog! Check mine out and we can follow each other :)